Mental Health Problems – Introduction

Almost all of us have dealt with one mental health problem at one time or the other. If you haven’t had it yet, you’ll probably get it once in your lifetime because they are very common in the modern world. You should know that even common problems like stress is also a mental health problem that needs to be cured. If you are curious about some more common mental health problems then have a look at the problems mentioned over here that are accompanies by a list of simple solutions that can help.

Stress & Anxiety: Stress can be caused by anything that makes you nervous, be it an exam or a dentist appointment. On the other hand when you are being anxious you would feel afraid of something like not getting a job, worry about something like earning more money or feel unease at all times. Both these problems can be solved by living in the present and doing some calming exercises.
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Bipolar Disorder: Have you ever felt too happy at one minute and too sad at the very next minute? If yes then you may be suffering from bipolar disorder. In both the happy mood and the sad mood, you can make wrong decisions that can cost you a lot. You should seek physiotherapy to deal with this problem and you can also try some mild mood stabilizing medicines.

Obsessive Compulsive Disorder: Do you need to check the lock again and again to make sure you have locked your house? Do you wash your hands too much? If yes then you may be suffering from Obsessive Compulsive disorder. It is a situation in which the person is afraid of getting harmed and overdoes everything. This problem can also be cured with the help of physiotherapy and mild medications.

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Paranoia: This problem occurs when someone thinks that everything and everyone is against his or her well being. A person feels anxious and endangered at all the time and likes being alone. He does not trust anyone and thinks that everyone would just harm him. This situation needs proper physiotherapy treatment that can run for a period of months until the fear is eradicated from the mind of the patient.

Schizophrenia: It is a situation in which a person hallucinates a lot. He or she feel threatened by unexplained sources and often has false beliefs. Antipsychotic medications can help a person to feel more a part of the real world because when a person realizes his fears are from nothing but imaginary things or creature, he starts walking on the path to recovery.

Mental Health ProblemsBody Dysmorphic Disorder: It is a disorder in which a person detests the way he or she looks and wants to remain hidden from everyone. A person may feel that he is not worthy of love and appreciation and may also try to harm himself or herself. The best treatment for this problem is to make the person feel valued and beautiful. You can also take help of Cognitive behavior therapy to get over this disorder.


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